16 Babies Who Think Cats Are Hilarious


Hunter Kitty Dances to Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle.


Kitty escaped from a burning, collapsing hotel.

The Dauphin hotel is a complete loss after suspected arson. All residents escaped before the collapse, but a cat trapped inside made its escape after the building had fell.

psych challenge: [1/4] relationships - shawn spencer and juliet o’hara

"you think i don’t want her to be happy? i want her to be happy. but…serious shawn moment here: i want to be happy, too. and for some reason, i can’t imagine that happening without juliet."

I miss this show so much



Castle Season 7 - Promo AXN Espana

"Madam, we are looking for a replacement for Castle, not for his mother.." LOL! Although Martha following around Beckett for acting research would be gold!

Favorite lines of The Doctor [1/3]
Doctor Who 8.04 “Listen” 


Man Takes a Selfie Every Day for Eight Years & Uses the 2,900 Photos to Make an Amazing Stop-Motion Video